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I've been getting a couple questions about my DIY studded denim jacket, so I thought I might do a quick post about it. All it cost was a denim jacket from Value Village ($14) and 150 spiked studs from etsy (which is actually more expensive than the jacket... but so worth it). These studs.

Okay, so here's the down-lo. All I did was use a sharpie and ruler to mark and space the studs an inch apart on the upper back of the jacket. With a paperclip (anything sharp, really), I poked through the denim and screwed in the studs using a 2 mm screwdriver. As for the shoulders, there really was no order or system to which I decided to place the studs. Just my judgement, or lack thereof. 

Also, the oh so lovely Lisa Dengler from Just Another Fashion Blog and Just Another Fashion Magazine has included me yet again in the street style section of her super freaking awesome interactive magazine exclusively for iPads. Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it too. Thanks Lisa! 

You can download the magazines here


  1. That is sooo cool! Congrats on your feature!
    Also, dang those spikes were expensive! I'm still seriously thinking of getting them though :P

  2. love that maxi dress you are wearing in the feature.

    $20 credit to Posh Patina Giveaway

  3. I need to do this to my denim jacket right now. So cute... :)

  4. Thats awesome! I've also recently featured you! You can view it in my blog post “Sarah Loves Trends - Ombre Details” at :) x

  5. Totally need to get my hands on some studs! And congrats on the feature xx

  6. congrats on your feature :)!


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