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I dragged my brother out of bed this morning merely for the purpose of taking photos for me. When he woke up sleepy-eyed and grumbling, he looked at my outfit and said, "Is that all you're wearing? A white blouse and jeans?" I replied hesitantly and told him that simplicity is key, while simultaneously questioning all my life choices. No matter how much jewelry I want to wear at once or how much I look like a flamboyant peacock from the Mesozoic era, you simply cannot go wrong with a white blouse. And maybe that's why I have so many of them. I'm just following after the footsteps of my mom, of course. Every time I explore her closet, I seem to find more white blouses that look just the same as the previous 8 I've found before. And yet every time she buys one, she still tells me she's searching for the perfect one. Is there a perfect one? 

blouse c/o chicwish, boyfriend jeans c/o romwe, bcbg maxazria heels, bag c/o soeurs, iphone case c/o iconemesis, kate spade bangle from T


  1. Loooove your jeans :) And your Iphone case is awesome :)


    -- I want to live in L. A --

  2. your clear bag and distressed jeans are ♥!!!

  3. Simplicity is really great sometimes. And this is the perfect white blouse, it looks great with the ripped jeans and those amazing heels.

  4. love this look so much, especially the shoes!! your brother is a pretty good photog =). and like your mom, i am always hunting for the perfect white blouse too!! i do believe there is one out there...


  5. I love this so much! it is absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity <3
    High-Stitched Voice

  6. the clear bag looks so cool. but i feel like people would be more prone to steal from you if they see something valuable in your bag.

  7. Even though it's simple, I just LOVE this outfit!! The distressing and cuts on the jeans are perfect. It gives the outfit a rough-and-tumble look~ (: AMAZING.


  8. I love white blouses as well! They definitely go with everything and can easily be dressed up, or just on a lazy day out! Your bag and shoes look great with the outfit!

  9. Alyssa!
    Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. Sometimes, that's really all you need.

    I definitely understand where your mom is coming from. I own probably around 10 white shirts yet I'm always looking for the "perfect" one. Who knows if it really exists. No matter though. I'll always be on the lookout for it.

    This outfit is definitely simplicity at its best. Casual white silky blouse that drapes in the loveliest way, amazingly distressed jeans, and those sky high black wedgey ballerina shoesque heels. Those shoes are amazing. They deserve some major love. That can wait though. Until then, please allow me to rave on and on about the amazingness of your bag and iPhone case. Clear plasticy fantasticness and a roaring tiger with a mountain and a rainbow squiggle thing behind it.
    Man, that stuff is good.

    Okay, enough for rambling for now. I'll save the rest for a poem dedicated to your shoes or something :)

    Have a great day Alyssa! <3


    P.S. Your brother has some great camera skills! You go boy!!

  10. I absolutely love your bag and your wedges!


  11. hahaa! funny story that you said your brother grumbling and asking if that's the only thing your wearing, haha! happens to me so many times too!


  12. the heels. so tall but so cute!

  13. Love phone case! :)

  14. This whole outfit is perfection! I love it.. especially the blouse and shoes! and your brother is an awesome photographer! xo

  15. i absolutely love your style! new follower! x


  16. Great look. Simplicity is so underrated. Love those shoes too!

    <3 Josephine

  17. I'm so lusting after those shoes! Killer.


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