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I've come down with some sort of illness, which isn't too strange since I'm somehow always sick, but now all I want to do is snuggle in ten million blankets and watching Freaks and Geeks and pretend that James Franco is my boyfriend. I have no idea why I hadn't seen it before, because it is one of the greatest things to come from 1999, apart from The Matrix. Also, doesn't Lindsay Weir look like Ellen Page?! It's kind of freaky.

Also, if you haven't checked out Vanessa Mooney as worn by many bloggers, such as Madeline Pendleton of Jean Greige and my favourite Toronto-based gals, Bianca and Dani of Kastor & Pollux, prepare to be awe-struck. They're the bomb. Also, never spill concentrate sulfuric acid on you. Anywhere. I've got myself a nice hole in my leggings and burn on my leg thanks to my carelessness. Point of this story. Don't take labs. Just kidding, learning is fun.

cross necklace c/o vanessa mooney, sunglasses c/o the quiet riot, leopard-print kimono c/o romwe, leopard-print tank from nasty gal, jeffrey campbell litas via solestruck, boot harnesses via etsy, diy floral head wreath


  1. I looove this leopard print kimono!! That is such a great piece and the photos look absolutely amazing

  2. shit girl...these photos are trippy and amazing <3 i adore you and this outfit! i love those boot harnesses <3

    High-Stitched Voice

  3. wow I like the style of these pictures
    really creative & cool


  4. I love your look and the photos are amazing! It's a really beautiful mirror you have there :)
    I'd love to own a tunic like that and to actually be able to pull it off like you do!

  5. love those boots!

  6. These pictures are so gorgeous!!! You have such great style and these pictures just accentuate it! Love the mirror shots :) And those boots...yummy yummy YUMMY!
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  7. I love the mirror photos!! So pretty. (: Absolutely gorgeous.


  8. Please please tell me in with shop on etsy did you buy these harness for the JC! I need ones so bad. You're beautiful love your blog


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