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Not too long ago, I was invited to participate in a photoshoot for Eco-Style, a student-run group at the good ol' U of A. They promote fashion sustainability by encouraging the use of vintage/secondhand and/or environmentally friendly clothing, which I find truly amazing. I really must thank the lovely ladies (who did alllll the important work) for inviting myself and my two lovely friends, Sophie and Philippe. They had a whoooole ton of hand-picked items from Goodwill that I'm sure took them hours to assemble. So let's give 'em some lovin'.

Also, there will be a fashion show at SUB (U of A) on November 16th if you are interested in seeing some vintage/secondhand gems. You can also check out the original photos (and some more) at Doris and Carmen's makeup/fashion blog, The Androgyne Us, here. Thanks again to the Eco-style ladies!

PS: Kurtis and I want to give a huuuuuge shout out to all our fellow readers and new internet friends for getting us to 2,000 readers! We love you all and hope that you love us back. I'm running out of things to say. So I'm just going to send you a virtual hug.

PPS: Also, another huge thanks to T for funding our snazzy new domain! Now we have rad personal e-mails you can reach us by and what not. 

Makeup/styling done by Eco-style ladies (Carmen, Taryn, Nicole D, Nicole W, Stephanie, Amy)
Clothes from Goodwill
Models: Elnur, Sophie, Philippe, Henry, Maciej, Toban, and myself
Photography: Doris


  1. Their fancy new emails are and

    General inquiries can be made to


  2. so gorgeous!
    and congrats on 2000 readers! :)

  3. You look amazing Alyssa! That headband looks great on you :) congratulations!

  4. You look stunning as always!;) I'm a big fan of you!


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