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Not sure why I'm at school for just one class because I have to leave for the airport in two hours and I'm not even 1/4th done packing. Anyway, we're watching some video about Christianity in Anthropology of Religion and I haven't really been paying attention so I figured I might as well continue the trend and post this. 

Also, cute animals make me feel better about being sick and less of a sniffling/coughing wreck. All photos from Tumblr.


  1. Really cute and inspiring pics !!!!

  2. Awesome photos! As much as I love tumblr, sometimes I wish I knew who photographed the photo or at least who the models are. ^^''

    The Krystel Book

  3. I love your tumblr posts! you always pick my favorites.

    xo katieli

  4. There are some crazy outfits in there, and I just love them very surprisingly
    Follow each other?


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