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Okay, okay, I know.  Jeremy Scott's Bart Simpson print has become not so much as overdone, but popularly displayed and re-worked by bloggers and clothing manufacturers alike. Yet, after having been a Simpsons fan for a very long time, it's hard to not want to walk around with Bart's face everywhere, his cheeky grin mocking a confused passerby and reeking of mischief. There was a time when my brother and I would sneakily find our way to the TV and watch the Simpsons on the lowest, possible volume where speech was almost intelligible. My father did  not enjoy his ten and seven-year-old children watching a cartoon with apparently inappropriate messages underlying every word and 2D action. Yet it was something about our infatuation with these seemingly jaundiced characters and our lack of understanding that kept our eyes glued to the screen. Youthful ignorance has a way of crawling to the doorstep of bliss and happiness, doesn't it? What am I even talking about?

backpack c/o grafea, jacket from asos, UNIF x nastygal hellbounds, bart simpson shirt and skirt c/o choies


  1. I love Bart
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  2. I am loving this blog just discovered it on chictopia.

  3. Why you little..... *cue the strangling sounds*
    Oh Alyssa, you're a doll. I'm not really sure where that came from at all but it's completely true. So I'll just let that sit out there for the world to see.
    Now on to something that makes more sense.

    Bart, Bart, Bart. To say that I sneakily watched The Simpsons with my siblings on the sly as a kid would be somewhat of a lie. I didn't really get into that kind of stuff until later on. Oh those good days of watching yellow skinned characters do their thing while snacking like there was no tomorrow.
    Those were the times. Yet again though, I ramble.

    I think what I'm trying to say is that though the Bart print has become rather overdone of late, you'er still rocking it pretty well. The bizarreness of having Bart's face all over your body seems to pair with the wildness of those hellbounds to create just the right ratio of weird to funny to crazy. It just kind of works somehow.
    So kudos to you my friend.

    Hope your holidays are going swimmingly! :)


  4. I really love your bedroom and your dip-dyed hair. You´re so pretty ♥.


  6. you pull them off really well !

  7. This outfit is pure perfection!! My mom also didn't like it when I watched Simpsons but I still kept on watching it anyway HAHA

  8. The Simpsons practically raised me so I totally understand the want to proudly display Bart on your body, haha! You wear him well :)

  9. Oh god. This look is ridic. But in the best way possible. :]


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