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Things I'm thankful for this holiday break are: family, sleep, food, too much food, mulan, cheese crisps, and all of you wonderful people. Kurtis and I wish all of you the best. I just woke up from a two hour nap (I know, wtf) so this post will be as eloquent and focused as a six-year-old's speech on his or her favourite subject at school (it's a never-ending answer to an absurdly simple question). I can't even make sense of my own words at this point. 

Also, my very mature and much older cousin has been nagging me to post this outfit photo he took and edited on le good ol' blog for the past week, so I'm going to keep my end of the bargain. This is not a joke, I promise. I am also wearing a one-piece snow suit that my cousin wore when he was 12 (soooo, a long time ago). Also, check out these photos from Tumblr I have been amassing over the past few days. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. 


  1. Inspiration! haha. I love it when I'm the first to comment. I refreshed your page, and voila the new post came up. It was like discovering a gold mine after what has felt like a very long day ;)

  2. Haha this is too cute! Merry Christmas, Analisa! ;)

  3. i swear when i finally have the money to buy dr martens im walking around with flowers in them

    btw do you know where can i get muscle tank like this (which you can see the bra? i just love how it looks aww)?


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