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Out of pure boredom, here is a rather elongated and never-ending list of things I am currently infatuated with: body suits, printed outfits (especially matching ones), wavy hair reminiscent of Pamela Anderson from Baywatch, floppy and wide-brimmed hats even though wearing one in Edmonton's current condition would be a tad bizarre, Soo Joo (still), athletic-grunge, overalls, textured jackets, adorable puppies, baby pandas, and the Modern Vice Jett Jodhpur boot. 

Also, make sure you enter the Last Night Giveaway so you can win a kick ass dress for which you can use to celebrate the New Years (or end of the world). It couldn't hurt either way, right? All photos (except of the Jodhpur boot) from tumblr


  1. The last look >

    Gorgeous. Thanks for posting this is helping me get through today's insomnia.


  2. Haha, your constant tumblr inspiration posts serve as my occasional newspaper-like reads :P I browse them religiously :)

  3. makes me think of the overalls i didnt get in the thrift store and when i got back theyre gone :(


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