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Sitting in bed, too tired to process and file away my thoughts into the overflowing cabinet that is my brain, but not tired enough to drift to sleep. My desktop is crowded with folders, becoming a heavy chain tugging at my slightly obsessive need for organization. And yet I still do nothing but silently protest against the army of folders currently invading my Daisy by Marc Jacobs wallpaper. My father once told me jestingly that he would shave off my skin with a rusty razor if I were to ever get a tattoo, grinning cheekily and somehow laughing at the same time. Funny thing is, I've always wanted to tattoo the triforce on my arm to permanently mark and display my prominent immaturity. And yet the fear of a needle and my father's wrath have kept me in line with perfect posture and obedience. But now is the day I retaliate and release 7 years of teenage angst. Today, at 2:17 AM, I clear my folders from my desktop and create an agglomerate of folders under a single folder titled "THE folder with more folders." Today, at 2:18 AM, I reveal my newest tattoo. Oh, did I forget to mention it's fake? 

PS: How many of my post titles have been from Scar Tissue? Too many.

cross maxi skirt & triangle graphic print tank c/o timeless, for love & lemons shirt via gypsy warrior, UNIF hellbounds via nasty gal, bag c/o romwe, fake tattoo c/o decr


  1. I love this, Alyssa! It just keeps getting better and better <3! You are amazing!

    High-Stitched Voice

  2. love all the layering! as always (:

  3. Oh, I think you took the best lyrics part of this song for your post title... That's so beautiful.

    I would like to have your sense of style, really ! That's impressive.
    And wow, what a great idea it should be to have the triforce sign on a arm !! Hehe, The Legend Of Zelda... The game of my childhood. That was hard to accept that Link was only a virtual boy. He's so handsome.

    on Couleur Spleen.

  4. haha! amazing post!
    my dad would do the same to me if i were to get a tattoo as well...


  5. I can't get over this blog :/

    My daily indulge.

    Please do check out my blog? :)


  6. the scar tissue gives you bonus points. so much love!

  7. One of my favorites posts of you, I can say!!! Happy holidays x :)

  8. LOVE this outfit! One of my favorite looks on you!


  9. @Stephanie, you're too sweet!
    @Rhoda, thank you so much :)
    @Noe, I totally agree about Link. I had the biggest crush on him.
    @Janice, thank you!
    @Sydney, Yeah, I definitely don't have the balls to do it!
    @Tony Gum, your blog is raddd!
    @Kat, thank you so much!
    @Theresa, thank you lovely!

  10. love the styling :) the layering is on point!

  11. amazing look once again!!! Love your blog so much, its amazing.


  12. In love with this outfit.. And your post :)

    I always look forward to your posts!!

  13. Haha, yeah my mom is really against tattoos because she thinks when I get old it's going to sag and look really horrible! lol.

  14. Lovely style and blog! Maybe you'd like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN?:)

  15. where is the bralette from?


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