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A few days ago, my grandmother and grandfather's chest was lugged into my room, covered in a dusty blanket and smelling of old wood.  I removed the covering rather impatiently and struggled to move the heavy chest into place. When I opened it, I found an old carpet, a pastel-striped bed-sheet, and two fox pelts that my mother used to play with when she was still a mischievousness little girl (she is no longer mischievous).

 It's interesting -the things people keep locked away for years.

cat dress c/o o'mighty, denim wash shirt c/oshopAKIRA, boots c/o lothian, socks c/o da-sein, jacket from loft 82, hat c/o beginning boutique

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  1. That cat sweater. I must have that cat sweater. This is a great outfit! Perfect.


  2. I loce you shoes byt the dress is AMAZING <3
    Pat /the spot style/ xx

  3. lovely!!

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  4. I love the shoes, but what i really love is that RUG!! omg its perfect. Grandparents always have the best things.

    xo ohsokatieli

  5. damn, I'm loving your style! :)

    definitely following*

  6. Those boots are perfect!! xx

  7. the oxblood socks are perfect! such an editorial pop.

    check us out.

  8. this outfit is so much love! i adore those dalmatian print booties and the b&w photo

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia fashion


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