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Drove to Calgary for the day in order to bid a friend goodbye for 4 months before he is initiated into real adulthood. What did I do there? Browse overpriced consumer goods, repeat jap chae over and over again, re-lived the good ol' mall rat days with my go-to plaid shirt tied around my waist and eat lip-smacking Korean food until I inevitably ate myself into a food coma. And then came the two and a half hour drive back consisting of a hastily made CD on repeat and too much celebrity gossip to grasp. And what better to greet me back home but this men's EA$Y t-shirt? 

gifted jewelry, jacket c/o choies, plaid jacket c/o 2020AVE, doc martens, oversized mens t-shirt c/o easy money clothing, velvet leggings c/o romwe


  1. wow. i absolutely love this style.

  2. I love you and your looks <3

  3. Such a laid back style for a trip (:
    I always enjoy reading your post !
    Hope 2013 brings a lot of good things your way !

  4. ah love this!

  5. You have a great sense of style! I love your blog!
    Photo is very beautiful and full of life!
    Subscribed to your blog, I hope for reciprocity!
    Come to me, I'd be happy to see you!
    click "Like" on facebook, if not difficult -

  6. Love this post, and love this blog. I always look forward to reading it!

  7. Cool outfits!


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