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Enjoying this quiet Friday night in by playing Polyvore with Suka Clothing and Amor Jewelry--both great local Edmontonian retailers that you can find at Bamboo Ballroom on Whyte. What for? I guess you'll have to just wait for the millions of Instagram photos to come tomorrow. Here's a hint, there will be some bubblegum, one candy necklace, one lollipop, and potentially some free hugs tomorrow. Oh, and I forgot one more thing: chalk.

Happy weekend everyone! 

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  1. Great diary, love the jewelry and shoes! Enjoy your weekend! JP

  2. Nice pics, I'm first time on your blog, but I would definitely come back here more often ;)

  3. nice pictures hun !
    i always love your instagram shots

  4. polyvore is such a great platform to find inspirations!

  5. loveee <3


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