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There's going to be some serious holographic print matching in New York a week from now... I can't even suppress my excitement at this point.

Anyway, things to (always) love on Tumblr: pointy shoes, platform shoes, prints, dogs in people clothes, Bambi, white & black, pictures of people having way more fun than you are, cool rooms, shiny things, summer clothes when really, it's freezing outside, layering, and anything that makes you look like you're going to be doing something sporty, but really aren't. Much love from your frozen-fingered friend, Alyssa. 


  1. Amazing inspiration! love the colors, textures... summer!

  2. A good bunch of shots to look at on a school night like this :D

  3. the dog in the sweater is just too cute for me to handle. awesome street style shot inspo. hope you aren't TOOO cold :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. I love all these photos. The dog in the sweater is so cute. I also love the song you attached to this post x

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  5. Those rose and spike boot cuffs!!
    I can't even imagine how cold it is in Canada; I've been complaining and shivering and I'm in California!


  6. awesome post !
    i could most def see myself wearing several of those pieces !
    if only summer was here already though everything would be better, or atleast for it to get a little warmer

  7. Great inspiration! xx

  8. I loved every single inspiration u posted!!!!!!!!

  9. Well, I'm greatly inspired. I wish it was warmer though because wearing a billion layers like the Michelin man kind of defeats my desire to act on inspiration. :/

  10. Alyssa!
    First off, I hope you haven't completely turned into a human popsicle yet. I've never been to Canada but I have heard plenty of stories about the cold...stay warm my friend!

    Second, whyyyyy must you do this to me?
    Every time I see one of your inspiration posts, I immediately stop whatever I'm doing and head to tumblr to look for more inspiration. Of course then I start dreaming about magically becoming as gorgeous as Bambi or any of those similarly stunning models while also imagining my closet somehow expanding and miraculously containing all the new pieces I'm yearning for. There's those cool shiny metallic oxfords, crazy printed pants, a wicked leather jacket, and tough boots with both spikes and flowers. In addition to that, we can't forget the mile-long legs, impossibly sleek and shiny hair, movie-worthy eyes, and that oh so wonderful boyfriend who would ideally be just as fabulous as me.
    Needless to say, your inspiration inspires me while also awaking desires that I didn't even know I possessed.

    Hope you have a fantabulous weekend girl! Keep warm and bundle up excessively <3


  11. Awesome post! Loving this crop of inspiration!

  12. I love all this photos <3 Very good inspirations .


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