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I have made great life decisions (and really important ones, let me tell you) this weekend. What were they? Well, to re-watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (except I missed out on the last 2/3 of The Return of the King thanks to a previous engagement), and to bring back the joy of Rockband into the Lau household with my mother. Now, I'm scrambling to finish things that should have been finished a long time ago. And, as you can imagine, I haven't been doing much. Hence, this post. I should write a book titled "How NOT to be a Student," and it would be awful. But, it could happen. Anyone can write books nowadays.

Anyway, can I just say how awesome the Australian label, Arnhemis?  I get so excited for summer when I wear this kimono/short set, but then I remember that there's still 4 feet of snow outside. Summer, come quickly. Love, most of us Edmontonians.

eagle ring c/o 2020AVE, crystal ring  & necklace c/o Wolf Circus, black ring from groove stone, sabotage adjustable ring c/o Vanessa Mooney

kimono & shorts c/o Arnhem, bag c/o Romwe, body chain c/o Briwok,  sunglasses c/o 2020AVE, boot harness via etsy, jeffrey campbell boots, diy cut-off bralet


  1. Awesome summer-ish outfit! Can't wait for the warm weather to come now <3
    It snowed again in the Netherlands, and I am really sick of it, sigh...

    Anyway, you look great and as always, I love your jewelry! <3

  2. i love this alyssa! i picked out the same kimono from them <3

    High-Stitched Voice

  3. Gorgeous. The print of the shorts and kimono set is perfect. Love the diy bralet and boots as well.

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

  4. This is the perfect summer outfit!


  5. Amazing outfit, as always! I love the details on the bag and shoes! And lovely jewelry as well!

  6. the pattern looks great!

  7. i love this outfit &&& that bag <33

  8. Love love the kimono. It looks so chic and comfortable.

  9. omg i love this look so much. that golden mustard color looks perfect and the scallop of the shorts are so cute! You look absolutely comfortable!


  10. Clothes with matching patterns are great, this looks totally stunning! I like the combination with those black "rock" pieces :)
    I just stumbled across your blog and I really like your style!
    I’m following you now and I’m looking forward to your new posts :)
    If you want, check out my blog too:



  11. Love this suit!
    S xx

  12. Oh how lovely, loving the jewellery and bag darling.

    Elizabeth x

  13. I adore those shorts and accessories!

  14. Hi! I really like your blog! Cool stylizations and photos! I greet and I invite you to my blog:)

  15. This look rocks! found your blog through lookbook, and I love it! you'll see me here often! ;)

  16. Love that Vanessa Mooney necklace and that bag is sick!


  17. Love the kimono!


  18. Gorgeoussss. Loving the Kimono/Shorts ensemble. You rock it so well. Happy to have found another Canadian fashion blogger! xx



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