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Yes, I am still alive. I'd like to say that I've been embracing the new and entirely welcome summer weather, but really, my absence has been due to two things: 1) comic con over the weekend (which was a blast and a half), and 2) movies. Lots and lots of movies. Yes, there are comic con pictures waiting to be edited and what not, so be prepared for a geek'd out post some time in the near future featuring Kurtis and I being completely starstruck and my brother in a Minecraft zombie costume. 

Anyway, after seeing Kiko Mizuhara in a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses (here), I knew that these ones from Tarte would make me 10% closer to becoming Kiko herself. If you haven't already heard of Tarte, then do yourself a favor and head over there right now. Fun fact, Joellen of Joellen Love is the mastermind behind Tarte. So if you happen to be a fan of her style (I certainly I am), then you're guaranteed to love what she's put together.  Happy weekend, folks! 

sunglasses c/o tarte, black slip c/o gentle fawn, jacket c/o chicwish, socks and tee from asos, shoes from ali express, gifted hat


Before I forget, for all of you in Edmonton, there's a blogger wardrobe sale that Kurtis and I will be participating in on May 18th. So, if you're interested in purchasing some gently used goods from my closet (plus many others), come down and say hi. Fun fact #2, I will likely be in crutches. 


  1. Alyssa!
    Hello again!
    I'm glad to see that you successfully made it through the torture more commonly known as "exams" (eww) to once again return to your kingdom of loving blog followers. Not to sound strange or anything.

    But oh my, those sunglasses are too freaking adorable! The fact that Kiko wore similar ones is even better. This point is of course, the time when I immediately set off to attempt to procure a pair of cutesy heart-shaped sunglasses for myself. Perhaps realizing that my head is just not meant for such things, I guess I'll just have to continue with my ramblings instead.

    As always, I love your outfit, maybe largely due to the manner in which you combine things that I could never dare to even attempt to pull off. A furry sweater coat thing looks pretty cool and striking topping a streamlined look of a sequinned tee and a slip that doubles as a skirt of sorts. Plus those socks with the jelly sandals. While I would look like an overgrown and rather overweight, petulant 4 year-old in those, you look like a funky fresh (the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air just popped to mind) supergirl kind of thing. Emphasis on the funky and the super.

    So needless to say, I would like an ounce or two of your nonchalant coolness. If you feel inclined, please do send that to me along with some of your unwanted clothes. Jokes aside, I'm devastated that I can't attend that wardrobe sale!! Someday, someday, I'll make it to Canada.

    Have a fan-freaking-tastic weekend girl!


  2. love your style!

  3. Love your shades and shoes!
    S xx

  4. love the look, so cool! x

  5. Your shoes and your jacket!!!! *O* loveeee it.


  6. i love every single thing about this look. so great!


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