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Okay, I promised some Calgary Comic Con related photos and what not, so here they are. I was fortunate enough to attend with my brother and cousins (including the other half of this blog, Kurtis), and also fortunate enough to take (ridiculously overpriced but 100% worth it) photos with some of my favourite actors and see some pretty neat costumes. Not to mention I made 2 second eye contact with John Rhys-Davies while he was riding in a golf cart. And saw Dizzy and Johnny Rico from the critically acclaimed 90s movie StarShip Troopers (it's a  personal favourite). Oh, and my brother had his 15 seconds of fame with his self-made Minecraft zombie costume. Want another fun fact? Of course you do. I bought a Totoro fluffy onesie. Aaaand when the fire alarm in our building went off, guess who was standing on the sidewalk at 7 AM with a Totoro onesie on while firemen scoured the building? Me. 

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being "Disneyland fun", I'd say the Calgary Comic Con was an 11. In other words, if you are ever contemplating going, you should probably go. There's nothing better than geeking out with a bunch of cool people in cool costumes doing cool things like LARP and playing Quidditch. 


  1. Aw it's nice to see Kurtis again haha
    and oh my god I have to say I fell in love with Peter Dinklage
    after watching "the station agent" movie!
    So jeals of that you all took a picture with him!!
    Cool photos as always

  2. Oh wow looks like so much fun!
    S xx

  3. lol! you wearing the totoro onesie while the firemen scoured the building! i couldnt imagine how ! <3 it must be funny , anw cool pictures! <3

  4. Haha, awesome pictures!
    I love how people putting
    loads of effort in their
    costumes :P xx

  5. AAAH SO MUCH AWESOME!! Not only does this blog reliably provide high-grade fashion eye-candy, now it also makes nerd-me very happy. That Totoro-suit rocks! And you're with the Imp and Cersei, I almost didn't recognize her. She looks much more... approachable when she's not playing a cunning mean queen.
    Great to see Kurtis again, that's a pretty cool fruit shirt there.

  6. Ooooh my god, I want my own picture with Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage.
    Oh and your Totoro onesie is just the best.

  7. Norman Reedus is so badass..

  8. OMG amazing! That would have been awesome! haha! I just saw little Golum myself at the Weta cave here in Wellington the other day. Great blog hun x

  9. Cool blog!

  10. seems like an awesome time [:
    i would love to go too one day hehe


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