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I had my ACL reconstruction surgery last Monday, followed by a nauseous 8 hours and then a week of lying down and crutch-walking and doing nothing and forgetting about this blog. And now? I'm good as new! Just kidding. I'm still on crutches. But it's all okay, because I still have some photos lined up to be posted from before when I hadn't involuntarily adopted the gimp life yet.

Also, I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to come by and say hi at the Edmonton Blogger Sale yesterday! Seeing both old and new faces made the post-sale sore knee 100% worth it. We'll be doing another one hopefully in the fall, so keep an eye out for that if you couldn't make it to this one!

PS: A majority of the clothing not sold during this event was donated to Loved. - a fashion bargain event. This is an awesome event (set up by Alison Altena) where all monetary proceeds from donated items will be directed towards iHuman Youth Society. If you're interested in learning more or attending, I highly recommend you check out the Facebook event here.

PPS: You should probably check out Let Them Stare, which is a unique and neat-O label designed by Anastasia Gelfman Silis. She designs and models her own pieces, and even better--gives them away! See how she styled the dress I'm wearing below here.

PPPS: If the blog header isn't running too smoothly, try removing adblocker for this domain. Sorry for the trouble!

Okay, I'm done. For real.

dress c/o let them stare, sunglasses c/o tarte, platform sandals c/o chicnova, zara bag, asos socks


  1. Oh I love this outfit!
    Hope you are doing better now after your surgery.
    & thanks for the song <3

  2. You're such a champ for coming to the sale on crutches. Your poor knee!! I hope it heals quickly :)
    Love the dress, looks so cozy!

  3. Cute dress! it really suits you.
    I hope you recover quickly!

  4. I absolutely love your dress and you are quite the trooper with your event and crutches! I did what you mentioned about the adblocker, but the majority of your text disappeared underneath your photos. I ended up just zooming as far out as possible to read your post (in teeny tiny font, haha).


  5. lovely dress!

  6. Oh dear, hope you heal quickly soon and get off those crutches.
    Such a lovely dress.
    Take care x

    Blog by ORR: La-Grunge

  7. Love the simplicity of this dress
    S xx

  8. Love this look, especially that dress!


  9. glad that you feel better now [:
    great outfit as well though
    an i always enjoy reading what you write [:


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