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If you chanced upon this post back when I accidentally put it up in May, then by all means feel free to skip ahead. If not, then I guess you're stuck reading this. Festival season has already begun and if you're one of the lucky goers, it's expected that you'll experience blaring suns, some dehydration, and too many people to count within your personal bubble. And don't forget, sweat. So how do you manage to beat the heat while looking "fresh to death" (and here's my apology for just saying that). Option 1, opt for a sheer tank and some nifty printed jeans. Maybe add in some bright colours here and there to ensure that when you are getting trampled upon, that at least you will be noticeable. And don't forget a hat, because premature wrinkling just isn't the bee's knees. The point is, if you're looking to be festival-ready or just summer-ready, you should probably check out Gap's Spring collection for some patterened and colourful goodness. 

Here's a quick thanks to the Lookbook team for gettin' me in on this LB x Gap collaboration. You guys are the cat's pajamas. Sidebar: if I had a cat, I would definitely make them wear pajamas. Also, you can check out some of muh outfits on!

jeans, clutch & scarf c/o Gap, mesh top from kastor & pollux, jeffrey campbell booties, etsy boot harness, socks c/o da sein, turquoise ring c/o vanessa mooney, hat c/o beginning boutique


  1. those pants and that clutch looks awesome!

  2. Great Outfit, you look beautiful.

  3. Great outfit, I love it and you look fabulous. Keep it up!

  4. Love the printed pants - They're a really flattering cut & silhouette. You look great!

  5. Darnit I came here hoping for a Passion Pit remix but alas!

    Cute styling though! Orage is def. one of your colors.

  6. Those pants are amazing
    S xx


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