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Let's talk about platform things, mostly because they're infinitely cooler than non-platform things. They have platforms and stuff. What is there not to love? These blue velvet (cue in some Lana right now) beauties from The Editor's Market are one my more favourite flatforms, seeing that they're: a) velvet, b) chunky, and c) strappy. I also need to mention that Dani has the same pair but in black. So, naturally, that adds a +15 on the "favourite shoe scale." 

Also, how sassy is this sweater from The Orphan's Arms? Y'know, normally, I'm not one to talk too much about what I'm wearing because I find it sleep-inducing and too "fashun blogger-y". But seriously. If there's one way to emphasize my  *Sassiness* (with a capital "S" of course), a sweater with a bunny and oversized heart is sure to do the trick. 

PS: Congrats to Megan for winning the Chicwish $100 giveaway! Expect an e-mail soon!
PPS: My boyfriend and I are going to Toronto in less than 288 hours. Thanks to Dani for reminding me how many days are left until I reunite with her so that we can talk about Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus' music videos in person. 

striped pinafore & velvet platforms c/o the editor's market, sweater c/o the orphan's arms, sunglasses c/o tarte, clutch c/o choies


  1. If I see you may I scream "AH! ALYSSA, I LOVE ORDINARY PEOPLE!"

  2. I love the playful look! :) you are the best dresser!

  3. love the top and clutch <33

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  4. Who doesn't love a bit of platform? Height + Style at the same time.
    Gorgeous darl!

  5. Love platforms:) You look beautiful as always!


  6. I love how I immediately thought of Alice in Wonderland when I saw your outfit. Really cute!


  7. so pretty!! love your striped pinafore xx

  8. these shoes are actually incredible i need them in my life. Great blog! it would be awesome if you could take a look at mine

  9. I'm just loving your style more and more. It's super cute ^^

  10. Gorgeous pinafore
    S xx

  11. I am totally obsessing over your blog! I can't wait to follow along and keep up with your amazing outfits. These velvet platforms are perfection!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. gorgeous outfit <3

    Hayley xx


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