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I woke up 15 minutes late today--which meant I had to get ready fast in order to meet my angelic lady friend Danielle of Kastor and Pollux. As soon as we met (ignoring how long it took Danielle to find me in the midst of construction and too many people for such an early morning), we began our 6-hour-long and empty-stomached journey to Montreal. Alas, now we are here. In a cute little apartment three flights of stairs away from the sidewalk.

Anyway, everything is all nice and dandy here in this corner of the world, so don't expect another post for the next week or so. Before that happens, here's something to keep y'all preoccupied (or not). Say hello to my past few weeks in the form of instagram photos (in no particular order). Also, please forgive my absence from the internet. I still love you. 

Exploring High Park; Eric, Mulan and I chillin' on a seadoo in Pidgeon Lake, AB; Flying to Toronto
(So much) Walking around Toronto; Street food; $19 kicks from H&M
Rag & Bone boots and Gianvito Rossi heels; Platforms 'n shit; The Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland
Niagara Falls; My aunt's place; More of Toronto
My aunt's buys from George C; Danielle being cute; Polaroids and stuff


  1. such a fun looking trip <33


  2. Have fun!


  3. Lovely photos as always. Montreal looks amazing, definitely adding it to my list of places to visit!


  4. amazing pics <3 have fun beautiful!

  5. Such stunning photos!! :o

  6. such pretty, lively photos!

  7. These shots are all so beautiful! I hope you are having an absolutely amazing trip :)

    Xo, Hannah

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