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Okay, just going to say that I'm going to Toronto in 8 days. Dani sent me a very nice snapchat to remind me this morning. Fact: waking up to her daily reminders makes my mornings that much more enjoyable. I hope she reads this and feels weird. 

Anyway, here are some photos from Instagram because updating this thing takes way too much time and effort. Oh, and I happened to watched the "horror" movie, Mama, today and it was probably one of the worst movies I've ever had the misfortune of sitting through. Please, for the sake of your brain, do not ever watch it.

If you want to see what else I'm up to on the days that I'm not updating this blog (which has now become never), feel free to catch up with me (not the Kardashians) on le Instagram here. Wow, sometimes I'm hilarious. I never knew I could make myself laugh so much.

Things from choies, clowns at the Stampede in Calgary, new kix  from free people
Stamps collected by my grandfather throughout his life, things from style moca, new jewelry display
The view in Canmore, Eric and I hangin' in the mountains, favourite flatforms (from choies)
Things from plndr & choies, games at the Stampede, my (very short) mother and I at my graduation
Mulan licking her cute little nose, a silly selfy, in the newspaper with Philly sticks at Poppy & Barley's launch at Bamboo Ballroom


  1. Love all these photos! <3


  2. great pictures! i love your black and white platform sandals xx

  3. Cute snaps
    Your platforms are gorgeous
    S xx

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  5. Hi dear, I really like every post in your blog, I especially love all your shoes, they're perfect! I'm following you now via GFC and Bloglovin. See you soon

  6. Nice happy pictures c: wonderful recap of
    your life! Congratulations with your
    graduations as well! Xx

  7. I love your hair so much, these pictures are really nice!

  8. The Style Moca looks amazing! :)


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