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Hey, guess what? There's less than a month before school starts (not that I'm going back to school or anything *cheer*). But, you know, for those of you who are preparing mentally for the next year of exams and crying over exams, I have the perfect way to relieve all the pre-school stress and anxiety. Shopping. Duh. As far as I can remember, people have been making a big deal out of "THE first day of school." Who cares about the second day, or the one hundredth and twenty second day, it's the first day that is the most important. So what are you going to wear? Forever 21 has named yours truly, alongside other cool Canadian bloggers, their Canadian brand ambassadors. This means that I'm hear to tell you about alllll the cool things Forever 21 has to offer to you students or non-students still a little nostalgic about their school years. Actually, I'm just going to throw out Forever 21's new Back-to-School lookbook for you to ogle at (somewhere down there).

Also, Forever 21 invited me to show my Back-to-school-but-not-really style off to y'all, so here it is kool katz. Fun fact, I'm addicted to plaid. Okay, I'm done. Phew, that was a long one. Brb going to sleep now.

cropped baseball shirt & plaid skirt c/o forever 21, bag c/o chicwish, chunky sandals (similar here), socks c/o da sein, sunglasses c/o tarte

Alas, here are some photos from Forever 21's Back-to-school campaign.


  1. forever 21 knows how! love your outfit! <3

    Carla Cee

  2. Great F21 outfit!!! You're too cool for school anyhow xD. who needs school anyway? haha.

    from likkie,

  3. I love how you paired that skirt! :)


  4. LOVE that skirt! <3

  5. Cool skirt :)

  6. The perfect back to school outfit. Forever 21 is upping their game, that campaign looks great!

  7. You look so gorgeous! Perfect school outfit! And the F21 ones are so cool too <3

  8. Gotta love Forever 21! I was just there yesterday actually. Anyway, love the pieces that you picked out!
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  9. Love this, the stripes are perfect!

  10. gorgeous look! You look beautiful <3

    Hayley xx


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