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Continuing the string of Capital-Cities-related titles, here I am with an appropriately black outfit, featuring this neat crop tank from Twiceshy the Label. Fun fact, ever since I've returned home, I've been suffering (oh woe) from a stuffy nose, a somewhat mean-sounding cough, and a nasally voice that Britney Spears would've been jealous of before she started smoking cigarettes to sound, well, nasally and raspy (I just need to work on the "raspy"). So now here I am, writing up this post on a summer's Saturday night, wrapped up in all sorts of blankets. Other than the "sick" part, this is a pretty good Saturday night so far. A movie from the 90s or early 2000s would really make this night end with a bang. Now, which movie to watch? 

tuque c/o hellz botbtank c/o twiceshymesh shirt & skirt c/o 90's lullabyunif x nastygal hellbounds


  1. you look amazing, alyssa! in love with your hell bounds and beanie! i hope you feel better. x

  2. love the shirt you tie on your waist <33


  3. Love the outfit! Haven't seen those hellbounds in a while.

    Hope you feel better

  4. black is such a cool color and you managed to make it even cooler with this outfit! Love that your shoes match your colored hair-ends and everything else is all black :) x

  5. gorgeous! ugh i really want to get my hands on some leopard hellbounds! :P

    Hayley xx

  6. You look awesome!
    A movie from late 90s I just LOVE is Dark City. I can't recommend it enough.


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