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I've been in Canmore for the past week or so with my family and Eric, kayaking, playing Dutch Blitz, making mini rivers, and hiking up rocks and mountains (shout out to Ha-Ling over here) alike. And now, my legs feel like jello. Actually. This means I've resorted to lying awkwardly on my bed, trying to be as comfortable as possible while also typing this blog post up. 

Anyway, here's some news for all my fellow Edmontonian shopaholics. A bunch of rather cool fashion bloggers from good ol' #YEG and I are having another wardrobe sale this coming September! There are going to be a ton of great deals, so make sure you come on down and bring your friends. Also, come say "hi" to me! 
Oh, and here's a pre-Canmore outfit where I wear (ha) the most comfortable t-shirt that my boyfriend says he dislikes but actually enjoys wearing. Ta-Da.

sandals (similar here), clutch c/o choies, 90s kid t-shirt & beanie c/o beanie time, coat c/o chicwish, necklace and 3 rings c/o wolf circus, evil eye ring c/o ivy supply


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