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Exciting day today. We have an outfit AND giveaway in one post, which means less reading for you and a potential little something for your closet. Now, feast your eyes upon the most perfect (and I'm telling you, I don't use the word "perfect" lightly... unless I'm describing shoes or... okay, I take that statement back) denim shirt dress from The Editor's Market that can be easily used to layer, because we ALL know how much fashun people like to layer. 

Also, can we talk about jewelry for a second? Normally, I'm too lazy to wear any. But it's freaking shark week, so how can I ignore this Givenchy-esque shark tooth necklace from Wolf Circus? I simply can't. By the way, did anyone see the Hoff make a musical appearance on shark week? Was anyone else confused? #sharkweek #thehoff #justkidding #nomorehashtags #okimdone

triple ring set & shark tooth necklace c/o wolf circus
h&m baseball cap (similar here)
evil eye ring c/o ivy supply
dad's old basketball jersey (similar here)
leather skirt c/o 2020AVE
zara bag
sunglasses c/o tarte


As for the denim shirtdress giveaway (which is international!), here it is in all it's glory. The rules are simple: complete all mandatory steps to gain access to the non-mandatory steps, which will ultimately increase your chances of winning if you so happen to complete those ones too! Good luck to everyone! The contest ends on the 28th. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Love your platforms and evil eye ring!

    Xo, Hannah

  2. Hngg you are so perfect mmah dear bbie girl. Much love for ya much love. xD

    frum likkie

  3. love it <3 entering the giveaway :)


  4. love your outfit! <3

  5. Hey,
    beautiful pictures and a great style! :)

  6. Hey!
    Is this open to international followers?
    Thank you!

  7. I love the layering of rings! Great title for the post as well! xx

  8. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that necklace? I don't even pay attention to the shark week hype but even I think that thing is a piece of jewelry and oh so fitting right now. Those rings are gorgeous as well!
    Aside from the jewelry, your outfit is totally spot on. The denim shirtdress works as a great oversized jacket type thing and blends seamlessly with the bright red jersey. Plus your other accessories are totally amazing. The sunglasses are a nice whimsy touch and your platforms look so soft and velvety! I want to touch them! :D

    The SEAREX


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