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Okay, so I'm exhausted. A combination of 5 hours of sitting and trying to persuade people to buy my clothing, some A&W, and then a jog has consumed my energy for today so I think I'm going to sleep as soon as I post this. Here's a quick shout out "Thank you!" to everyone who came out to the sale today (and thanks to the boyfriend for sitting through the entire thing with me)! It was great saying hi to everyone, so again, thank you, thank you! 

Anyway, this post really is about long coats. Long coats that have evaded me for so long on my futile online search for them. But alas, my search has not been in vain. Wonderful, local designer Nicole Campre has included some gorgeous floor-length coats in her Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, both of which I'm eagerly waiting to include into my own wardrobe. I mean, how can you say no?!


Also, here's a polyvore set dedicated to long coats. I might as well write a haiku to go with it.

White top, 305 CAD / Ganni woolen coat, 370 CAD / Moschino plaid skirt, 1,085 CAD / Pull&Bear black socks, 6.53 CAD / Leather sandals, 145 CAD / Alexander Wang crocodile leather purse, 1,225 CAD / Forever New adjustable bracelet, 29 CAD / The Row circle glasses, 460 CAD


  1. Love those circular glasses, white top, and leather sandals! Very fab!

  2. Wish I had a chance to go to the blogger sale yesterday! Hoping I can make it to the next one (if there is one) and meet you :)

  3. The perfect set, combining everything I love.


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