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I woke up this morning with a spew of coughs and a chill brought about by a lack of indoor heating. But that wasn't nearly enough to keep me from getting out of bed (an hour later) and heading to the Valley Zoo. Yeah, that's right. The Valley Zoo. If you live in Edmonton or happen to know anything about Edmonton, you'll know that our Zoo isn't quite the biggest attraction. Regardless, I thought it was one of Eric's best suggestions for a day-off-from-work activity. So, there we were, standing at the line-less entrance of the construction-filled Zoo at 1:00 PM, wondering what on earth we had gotten ourselves into. That is, until we came across the petting zoo. Who even knew that petting/hugging/chasing a variety of farm animals would be so much fun (note that the last time I was at the Valley Zoo was probably a decade ago)? I touched every single species present. Even a turkey, which, at the same time, almost pecked my finger off from the rest of my hand. Although Lucy the Elephant was nowhere to be seen, we did happen to witness two Valley Zoo employees take it's resident Arctic Wolf for a walk in the Enrichment garden. So, after a whole lot of excited remarks, walking around, and searching for Lucy, we left the Zoo only to promise to be back within a year. 


  1. Lovely pics and darling, you're so sweet :)

    Kiss ♥
    BecomingTrendy | Follow me on FB & Bloglovin'

  2. how cuuuuuute. Love this post.
    But u could actually enter the cages?!Great


  3. I've never been to the Zoo ;(

  4. haha this so awesome! I love the petting zoo!! I want a bunny, haha!
    <3 Kastles

  5. aw, i haven't been to a zoo in years! lovely pictures, the animals are really cute!
    13 FRIDAYS

  6. If I could live in a petting zoo, I would. I love the colours of your photos!


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