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Just the other day, Solestruck sent me a pair of the most kick-ass platforms from their new underground label, ¥€$ (Thanks Shelley!)So, what else was there to do except drag my boyfriend out at 10 AM to take photos of me parading around in said platforms somewhere on 109th street? Nothing, if you ask me. You know, these platforms really deserve a haiku, but I'll save that for another day when I'm feeling more poetic because right now my feet hurt and I'm slightly upset at the fact that the second season of Orange is the New Black does not exist yet. 

Also, my roots. Oh, my roots. 

yes werque platforms c/o solestruck, zara skirt, top from nasty gal, jacket c/o chicwish, earrings c/o femmex, socks c/o da-sein, urban outfitters backpack


  1. Dang these photos are good. Your boyfriend is quite a fine photographer.

    XO J

  2. these pictures are stunning and your outfit is hella cute!
    oh, how my heart aches for that jacket.......i've been trying to find one like that everywhere.....
    13 FRIDAYS

  3. How do you have such a great sense of style???? <3 Absolutely love the whole outfit x

  4. Okay totally adoring your new Solestruck platforms!
    As well as that gorgeous furry piece!
    S xx

  5. cool cool cool, awesome fluffy loud outfit :)



  6. Badass photos! I have a mighty need for platforms like yours. You've been a great inspiration to my wardrobe and my boyfriend does NOT like that haha! (shoes shoes and more buying shoes)

    likkie xx,

  7. this post could well be in nylon japan! <3

  8. i super love the platform!

  9. Love the color scheme of this outfit! And that coat looks extra comfy :)


  10. amazing outfit you look incredible! And the shoes, ugh they are too cute!

    Hayley xx

  11. Absolutely amazing shots! Love the tee and fur coat.
    Your pics are perfect!

    Cathy & Sarah |

  12. omfg I do not know what I loved more, the scenery or the clothes.. you're always perfect :)


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