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I'm going to let you in on a little secret, but don't tell my mom or she'll faint and drop her beloved iPad (which could result in irreparable damage to said iPad, her inability to play Infinity Blade, and therefore all kinds of chaos for my family--so please, for my family). Okay, so, I haven't washed my hair for the past 5 days. Nope. Nothing. At. All. Is that kind of gross? Yeah. Am I going to wash it tonight? No. You can imagine how dry and brittle my hair is after having it soaked in bleach, so as a kind of apology to my hair, I've been only using shampoo once a week. It's all cool and what not, except, oh wait, scalps naturally produce oils!!! Thanks to ASC PR, OSiS+ Refresh Dust (it's really just dry spray-on shampoo, but refresh dust does sound a lot like something both Aragorn and Frodo could use) has been a huge help in regards to maintaining the oiliness of my head at an acceptable level. I've read a lot of reviews (and by a lot, I mean three) of dry shampoos and they more or less complain about post-application icky hair, or the horrors of grey/powdery dry shampoo. After having used the Refresh Dust several times thus far, I can 100% say that: a) you actually feel cleaner upon application, b) it smells fresh, c) VOLUME, VOLUME! and d) there is no need to worry about grey hair. So, if you're also a part of the "I don't want to wash my hair... Ever" club or happen to need to de-oil your hair on the fly, I highly suggest you give the Refresh Dust a try (retail price around $23.50).

PS:Here's a few gifs in which I: a) apply the Refresh Dust to my suffering roots, b) spread the refresh dust all over my scalp, and c) look realllllly satisfied with my newly clean (and fresh) hair.
PPS: I cut my hair another inch and half. Can you tell?!


  1. Ahahahaha, what I nice post,love it. The spray that sprays is amazing


  2. I've been on the hunt for the best dry shampoo and I may try this!


  3. Ah wow, i definitely need to get myself some of this. I'm about to go on geography field trip for school and i'm not sure what the hair-washing facilities are going to be like in the little cottage in rural Wales we're staying in, haha!
    You are honestly the cutest. I love your little animated photos.
    -Kate from bleached mort

  4. Love the graphics of your pictures.

  5. cool gif's! the cutest!


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