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I woke up this morning at 11 AM and already knew that my bedhead was, on a scale of 1-10, an eleven (yes, I'm guilty of sleeping when my hair is still wet). A few years ago, I would've had to wash my hair all over again to tame the mass of uncooperative alpha-keratin filaments attached to my head, but today, I luckily had a bottle of magic at my disposal. Meet the OSiS+ Glamour Queen--the sassiest-sounding hair product you'll likely ever hear of.

For those of you who are religious shower-takers, try leaving your hair un-shampooed for a few days. Two things you'll quickly notice are: a) your hair becomes, in a sense, grittier (some say dirtier, but that's what we have dry shampoo for), and b), your hair is a bazillion times easier to style. Well, now, routine shower-takers and routine non-shower-takers can unite in the OMG-my-hair-is-so-easy-to-style club with this magical spray. The OSiS+ Glamour Queen is a light, fresh, and quick-drying spray that gives your hair both volume and texture so that you can finally attempt that elaborate hair-do you saw in a youtube tutorial.  It even acts as a setting hairspray when you've finally accomplished said hair-do! Personally, I've been using the OSiS+ Glamour Queen before and after styling (if you can even call what I do to my hair styling), but this spray can be applied anytime during your hair-doing process. And for extra root volume, just spray right at your roots. It's like taking candy from a baby, but much less malevolent. So, if you so happen to suffer from awful bed head or just uncooperative hair, I highly recommend you check out the OSiS+ Glamour Queen (~ $20).


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