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Just the other day, I had a little trip to the lovely (and very fancy, if I may say so myself) ROXX Salon + Spa all thanks to ASC PR and Schwarzkopf Professional. I got my head massaged, my hair did before work, and I even got a lesson in hair products (thanks Jessica!) all within an hour. Jessica used a whole lot of Schwarzkopf Professional hair products in my hair, leaving it silky smooth and Disney-Princess-perfect (somehow). Wanna know how? (Maybe?) Then just keep reading!

When I say that I haven't been to a salon in years, I'm lying to you. I do go to a salon occasionally to get my roots bleached, but nothing I've seen can quite compare to the grandeur and finesse of the ROXX Salon. I mean, it has a tree in the middle of the lobby, a spa on the second floor, and a whole wall of hair products. Maybe I should leave my house more often.

Anyway, here's what happened on my hair adventure. First things first, Jessica used this magical shampoo and conditioner called Fibre Force, which employs micro keratin proteins (identical to the ones you have in your hair) to essentially repair your damaged fibres (okay, no more science). After the wonderful head massage that came along with the hair wash (the best part of any salon visit), she sprayed the OSiS+ Blow n Go Smooth into my damp hair, followed by the OSiS+ Glamour Queen. Using the two sprays together, Jessica enlightened me that they make hair-styling much, much, easier and flat-iron-independent. She then proceeded to blow dry my hair in record time (thank to the OSiS+ Blow n Go Smooth's reduced dry time) all while somehow making it look presentable (which my hair rarely ever is). And to finish up the whole look, she used this nifty, non-sticky gel, called Aqua Slideon the ends of my hair to contain all the fly-aways. The next thing I knew I was already out the door and ready to head home to show off my shiny, golden locks to my father (who was too busy playing his video games to notice, but oh well!).

To sum things up, here's what I learned about the OSiS+ Blow n Go Smooth ($21)
- It's a non-sticky formula that will leave your hair feeling smooth and well, non-sticky
- It controls frizz and helps hold down the fort against fly away hairs (curly-haired friends, we've got you covered)

So, if you: a) have a problem with fly aways and frizz, b) want smooth and silky hair, and c) want to reduce your hair-drying time, then OSiS+'s Blow n Go Smooth is just for you! Okay, I'm going to stop before I start to sound like an infomercial.


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