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So, yeah, there's snow outside. A whole lot. But that's not stopping me from wearing these fake Birkenstock sandals everywhere (around my house). Also, try wearing knit joggers. And then try taking them off. Not going to happen. You know why? Because they're comfortable and loose and not jeans. That's why. 

Anyway, I just wrapped up another photoshoot (alongside the very lovely Maggie) for Coup Boutique taken by Zach Ayotte. Believe it or not, but there was some jumping, a staring contest, and "PIZZA!" involved in this one. Thanks to Annie for the makeup/banana bread, to Nga for the breakfast sandwiches, and to Anna for styling! I'll be posting some behind the scenes shots soon on Instagram, so if you're curious to see what we did, then feel free to follow me here.

And not to spoil the surprise or anything, but check the blog back in a few hours for a giveaway! It's a good one--I promise. 

sunglasses c/o ZEROUV
nicole campre sheer tee from workhall
mom's jacket (similar here)
knit joggers (similar here)
white sandals (real deal here)


  1. Love the bag and the coat! You're the coolest x

  2. omg those trousers :O

    Hayley xx

  3. This looks amazing and you're making me wanna get similar joggers! Love your slippers too. x

  4. Love the joggers! Such a gorgeous material.

    Little Black Russian


  5. Pure perfection in the comfort department!

    Neon Fox

  6. cool, cool, Alyssa!
    (jealous of your empty room with a white wall!)


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