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Okay, so here's a last minute post before I have to endure the winter elements (you know, just 15 cm of snow) and head to work. A few days ago, I visited Edmonton's newest (and finest) studio boutique. Ever. Run by lovely ladies Nicole and Kari, WORKHALL offers a wide selection of jewelry, clothing, and other such accessories produced entirely by local Edmontonian designers. The point of all this (it's in there somewhere) is that I went shopping and bought myself a new jacket and shirt from Nicole Campre's FALL 2013 collection (which, to be honest, I've been waiting to snag for months!). And for my fellow #YEG folks who have been searching for the opportunity to dance/shop/eat all at the same time, WORKHALL's grand opening is this Friday, so you should probably be there. The store is located at 102-10137 104st, and is right beside Coup Boutique!

Also, if you happen to be searching for comfortable trousers (bordering on PJ-pants-comfy), Front Row Shop is the place to go. I don't know how I've manage to live comfortably for 21 years without these pants.

PS: So maybe you saw it coming (and please don't cry), but Kurtis is now officially no longer a part of this blog (although forever in our hearts, am I right?). Just kidding. I still see him at family dinners. 

baggy trousers c/o FRONT ROW SHOP
octagon sunglasses c/o ZEROUV
nicole campre jacket & shirt from WORKHALL
gifted gianvito rossi pumps (thanks AW!)
zara bag


  1. what an amazing outfit, can i just snag everything?
    and I noticed the lovely layout of your blog, the direction you take with the content will be great regardless!

  2. Oh yeah, your pants seems to be so cozy ! That's nice to notice how your style has changed since the time I follow you; it's more minimalist and feminine, it reminds me some scandinavian codes. And I really like it. :-)

    Couleur Spleen.

  3. That coat is crazy cool! I need to head on over to the Front Row Shop, I need a perfect pair of trousers.


  4. This outfit is simply fantastic. Love your hair!

  5. That coat is soooo rad! Love the colour and the length xx

    Would love for you to check out my blog:

    Nomsa xx

  6. AHHHH! I love this post so much! That coat is to die for! Great purchase! ;)

  7. Ahhh I can't seem to put into words how perfect everything is on your blog! <3

  8. Lovely blog and outfit posts, I can't wait to read more from you!
    Love everything on here <3


  9. I was going to complain about the weather here in London but you have you win!! ;) Jess.x

  10. I totally love this outfit! <3

  11. Sad to see Kurtis go :(

  12. You're soooo stunning!!! xx
    Awwww why Kurtis leaving? :(

  13. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful! x

  14. this jacket is absolutely amazing! love your blog girl :)

  15. wow this is amazing!

    Hayley xx


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