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So, this is exciting. Well, not until I tell you what there is to be excited about. First things first, it's Friday, so let's all give each other a high five. Secondly, I've been involved in two, extremely wicked projects that have morphed together into all the hullabaloo you see down below. To sum things up in less than 200 words, basically this cool cat by the name of Logan Fitzpatrick was cool enough to spend (a lot of) his time illustrating cool things on some photos. Then my favourite pal Maegan from Toronto's beloved shoe store, Capezio, contacted me about running a To Be Announced giveaway. First of all, you just can't say no to Capezio. Second of all, you also can't say no to To Be Announced (and shoes, for that matter). So, now I'm presenting to you an Instagram giveaway courtesy of To Be Announced and Capezio, presented by yours truly and accompanied by Logan Fitzpatrick's rad artwork. Check out the Instagram giveaway HERE for more details on how to enter! Oh, and before I get to mention, the giveaway is only open to Canadian residents! Sorry, rest of the world! 

varsity bomber c/o kill city
to be announced zola boots boots c/o capezio
netted diamond shirt c/o femmex
h&m hat
loft 82 sweater
forever 21 tank dress


  1. Absolutely love how you edited this! Awesome outfit too xx

  2. omg these photos are awesome! How talented he is!

    Hayley xx

  3. Wow... I like how it looks like you've jumped into a pop art painting!

  4. There's so much talent here I'm in love with it all.

    The Fashann Monster

  5. There is so beautifull...
    i like that so much.....

  6. OMG....
    that si awesome....
    you are so creative

  7. took me awhile to read the text on the gif haha. amazingly edited!

  8. I love your photo editing! definitely fit for Chromeo :)


  9. Loving those boots. Your photos are always so fun to look at, so different and totally puts a smile on my face :)


  10. You make the coolest edits and gifs! x

  11. Those pictures are too awesome.


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