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This past week, it's been something like -30 to -40 degrees Celsius outside, which means I've been opting for the +15 degrees Celsius of my basement versus standing outside waiting for Eric to snap some photos of me while I freeze my caboose off (stay warm everyone!). Also, if you didn't catch this on good ol' Instagram, I cut my hair the other day (an inch shorter than I had planned, mind you). And now, in all it's uneven-ness, here it is. My hair hasn't been this short since I was a tween.

PS: My favourite AZN store Choies is currently having several promotions on their site. Check out their Christmas Sale going on here (up to 50% off select merchandise) and buy one get one half off shoe sale here!

faux leather skirt & jacket c/o CHOIES
sleeveless cropped top c/o 2020AVE
sunglasses c/o ZEROUV
nike runners (similar here)
zara bag


  1. I love this outfit so much!! Your skirt and top are perf x

  2. I actually really love your new hair! It's brilliant. Oh, and I love this all black outfit too. x

  3. I love your Nike shoes!!! Oh and your new hairstyle too heh

  4. i want that nike shoes!!! i love how you paired everything up too!

  5. Love everything about this outfit!

    I know you said that you were planning to travel soon and was wondering if you knew any online sites for getting chic yet practical luggage?

    Please let me know because I am planning on traveling as well and in need of new luggage.


    P.S. Love the blog!

  6. Love the hair. I think it looks great at its adorable bob length. Love how you paired sneakers with a dressy-casual ensemble; they certainly give the look an air of androgyny.

  7. I absolutely love the minimalistic vibe of all of the products. and this outfit is absolutely stunning

  8. Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments!

    @Kay Grospe, unfortunately I'm not very well versed in the art of luggage shopping, so I really have no idea! I just steal my mom's whenever I need to go away! :)


  9. love the nikes with the midi skirt...freshh :)

  10. That's some badass Matrix-style outfit there. Haircut looks stylish as well! I always envy people with straight, manageable hair who can pull off that kind of cut, mine would look like something exploded on my head.

  11. Really cool sporty outfit! X

  12. such a cool-vibed outfit! the hair completes it

  13. this outfit is just amazing! Your hair looks super cool as well ;)

    Hayley xx


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