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A few days ago, my friends decided to slick back my hair in an attempt to: a) make me look like a boy, and b) use up some unloved pomade. I grew so attached to said androgynous 'do that I decided to replicate it but in a slightly different manner. By replacing pomade with Schwarzkopf Professional's OSiS+ Thrill, this easy hair-do has become my favourite go-to for formal events and other such parties that require me to look a little more presentable. If you: a) are bored, or b) have shoulder length hair and need some (really quick) ideas for NYE shanigans, here's how you can look like a prepubescent boy. Just kidding. 
O N E / Starting off with damp hair, part hair and brush with a comb

T W O / Take a moderate amount of OSiS+ Thrill fiber gum in your hands, clap hands together to activate, and apply throughout hair to slick it back. Repeat as necessary.

T H R E E / Brush through hair with comb to straighten sections of hair

F O U R Apply the OSiS+ Glamour Queen all over to keep hair in place

F I V E / Straighten ends of hair for a polished look

  OSiS+ Glamour Queen ($20)
  OSiS+ Thrill ($23.50)


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