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Two weeks ago, before the holiday madness began, I made my second visit to the ROXX Salon and Spa (thanks ASC PR and Schwarzkopf Professional), only to emerge with the perfect hair. I'm talking about the type of hair that the high-school-Alyssa would've died for but the present-day-me is too lazy to even strive for. But now that I've seen the magic been performed, I can assure you that it's much easier and quicker than you had ever imagined. Plus, this whole routine leaves your hair smelling like some sort of whimsical field of flowers. What's not to love?
O N E / Starting off with damp hair, apply the OSiS+ Blow & Go Thick all over your hair for extra volume

T W O / Using a blow dryer, dry hair with warm air while brushing. Finish off by blowing cold air all over hair

T H R E E / Apply the OSiS+ Glamour Queen all over the hair for easy styling

FO U R / Style/Straighten hair as preferred

F I V E / Apply the OSiS+ Glamour Queen again to keep the hair in place

S I X / Take a small amount of the OSiS+ Thrill fiber gum, clap hands together to activate gum, and use it to smooth down flyaways and apply to ends to create a sleek finish. 

  M A T E R I A L S
  OSiS+ Glamour Queen ($20)
  OSiS+ Blow & Go Thick ($21)
  OSiS+ Thrill ($23.50)

H2O-free, versatile and voluminizing hairspray with faster drying and innovative trigger design for precise targeting. Apply to dry hair from approx 30 cm away and use in short bursts

Express blow-dry and non-sticky spray for voluminous looks and beautiful shine. Apply to damp hair and blow-dry/style as required  

Fiber shine texture gum that allows elastic style control and gives hair shine. Perfect for molding shorter hair or smoothing fly-aways/ends.





  1. your hair is lovely, and looks in such good condition! I may try this kind of routine with my hair! lovely post :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. I wish I could have such a shiny hair, I love mine, but are so different from yours...
    Nice pic



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