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Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know about Alyssa's black ankle boot fetish. And maybe it's becoming a little excessive at this point, but you know, whatever (cue teen angst). Ever since discovering the versatility and practicality of black ankle boots, I have always felt as if I were on some mystic journey to find the pair of boots. I'm talking about the pair that is delivered to you on the back of a unicorn while an orchestra plays monumental music and shooting stars race across the sky in a coordinated dance to spell out "YOU'VE MADE IT". Well, seeing my boots arrive in their Jeffrey Campbell box from Capezio's vast sea of shoes was essentially the same thing. After having owned these boots for less than 48 hours, I can happily and confidently declare that I walked a whole 9 hours in these boots without contracting one single blister. Yeah, you heard me. 

Also, I switched my iPhone 4 case. Now, now, it's not the end of the world or anything, but now my case has dual purposes. It protects my precious chunk of metal and serves as a reflecting surface to blind passerbys. You can also have awkward staring contests with yourself. Double the fun! But on a serious note, this reflective case (which is essentially a portable mirror that just so happens to encapsulate your phone) has proven to be SUPER useful thus far (adios makeup smudges), so thanks to Deanna from Zero Gravity for the lovely case. FYI, Zero Gravity has a plethora of cases for iPhones, Galaxy S4/S3s, iPODs and iPADs, some with bacon on them, and some with cats. I can't really decide which is better.

mirror iPhone 4 case c/o ZERO GRAVITY
jeffrey campbell boots c/o CAPEZIO
sheer white t-shirt c/o FEMMEX
moto skirt from NASTY GAL (similar here)
3.1 phillip lim ryder satchel from COUP BOUTIQUE (or here)
black nail polish c/o 2020AVE
zara jacket (similar here)


  1. I love your blog so much <3<3
    You're so stylish!!


  2. love!

  3. Love that skirt! X

  4. Holy shit. This is probably my fave outfit I've seen on you. The boots, the bag, and the fucking LEOPARD PRINT COAT are super cool and I wished I owned all these pieces myself. So jelly!

  5. Love your new phone case! x

  6. Hey, I wanted to say thank you for the great Choies voucher :D I was so so happy when I got the mail from the Choies team and immediately ordered some cool stuff :) Your giveaway really made my day! I just wanted to let you know that you made someone happy :)

    PS: I understand your fetish and these boots look great!

  7. love this outfit, the boots look amazing!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  8. Love the look.. so chic and simple. Been looking for a leopard coat for a while, something that reminds me of Ms. Moss!

  9. Alyssa you have the best cold resistance out of all living organisms!

  10. I love this outfit! It's so simple and easy but still really cool, and that coat is so awesome! And great choice with the boots, those are sweet! I just recently found the most perfect little black booties myself from a local thrift/resale shop and have a hard time not putting them on like 5 times a week haha! Although mine have like more of a heel so I end up taking them off 90% of the time because for some reason I think I shouldn't wear heels all the time..haa. And I totally have a mirrored screen protector. It's cool that yours is the case! Mine, being on the front of the screen, ends up just blinding me the whole time rather than random strangers haha lucky you!

  11. so sleek and stylish. Its all perfect and looks awesome together

    Hayley xx

  12. do u ever consider selling some of your stuff?? :)


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