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I did a sort of re-cap of the past year a few days ago on Instagram, only to realize that I had consigned the rest of 2013 to oblivion. I mean, at the particular moment that I tapped "share" on Instagram, all that I had managed to associate with 2013 was New York, my graduation, and dressing up my dog in various outfits. Kind of stale, isn't it (even though Mulan's outfits were probably one of the more significant happenings in 2013)? It's difficult to look back on the past 365 days and remember every second of every day, but for the sake of the future Alyssa's that plan on remembering what on earth happened in the year 2013, here's a quick summary: I spent my 21st birthday in New York in great company, attended the seemingly magical spectacle that was NYFW, cut my bangs (which I quickly regretted), met bloggers/BFFs IRL, graduated with a general science degree, became employed (twice), visited Toronto and Montreal, attended my first music festival with Dani, spent a day being a brand ambassador for Topshop Canada, ditched my ombre for blonde, and actually started using my Moleskine. Anyway, seeing that I leave for Asia in less than two weeks, I can only imagine that 2014 will be another great three hundred and sixty five days. Happy New Year, everyone!

PS: As always, a warm thank you and virtual high five to everyone who reads/comments on this blog. Without you, there'd be no this.

sweater c/o CHOIES
jacket c/o FATE
trousers and shoes from ASOS (similar here & here)
alexander wang bag (here)


  1. that jacket is amazing! and same, life goes by so fast and before you know it another year has gone and it is so hard to remember what you've done! stunning outfit as always :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. Fabulous outfit, so chic and comfy at the same time!
    Love the top :)

  3. i really love!


  4. I love how you titled this post after Lorde's song! Congrats on a successful year and may this year be even better! <3

    x, Tina

  5. love that top its gorgeous! What an amazing experience traveling to Asia is gonna be!

    Hayley xx

  6. love the bag, cute shape for Wang.

  7. How can I just find your blog now? You have THE BEST style ever, love this outfit! Happy new year x


  8. happy new year alyssa! i'm so glad i followed your blog back in 2013, looking forward to what the future posts hold!

  9. Sounds like you had an awesome year! I discovered you this year & I can't stop reading your blog and I absolutely LOVE your style!


  10. virtual high fiving you right back! sounds like you had a super awesome year, and I can't wait for more!


  11. enjoying your blog immensly but i have a feeling its gonna be bad for my wallet, you're making me want an all-new wardrobe, i LOVE this outfit! x


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