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ringcrop top & pants c/o NOUL (available in other colours)
nude heels c/o LE CHATEAU
coat c/o W CONCEPT
sunglasses c/o CAN U NOT
prada bag

 C L O S E T
 T W I T T E R
 P O R T F O L I O

From Kindergarten to Grade 6, I was always a "baby blue" kind of girl ("pastel blue" if you want to get all fashion-y about it). Combine the colour with a fleece-like material, and that was the essence of my wardrobe. Now, fast forward a decade (ugh) and I'm back to the baby blue grind thanks to NOUL (formerly Loft 82). Also, if you're wondering, these are not made from the same material as scrubs, but they might as well be (since they are just that comfortable).

I forgot to mention earlier that Le Chateau has selected me as one of their brand ambassadors during Western Canada Fashion Week (which starts today). I will be styling daily outfits featuring Le Chateau items all week, so make sure to follow me on le Instagram if you're interested in seeing me play dress up (if you aren't, I won't take offense). 


  1. love this co ord and how you've styled it! gorgeous look :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. I love that shirt so much! great photos, Loft is my favourite place :) I love how your outfit is all baby blue, that's probably one of my favourite colours as well!!

    Love Rhiannon :)

  3. youre blog is so so awesome


  4. love you baby blue gal!
    but seriously, how in the world do you handle the snowy weather with just 3 layers!? tips? (:

  5. love love the top and botttom.. matching colors make me melt. you look uber good

  6. That shade of blue suits you so well. I love your hair colour so much lady!

  7. one of my favorite outfit :)

  8. love your pumps and bag!! :)

  9. Awesome look, I love the sunglasses !

  10. This is such a nice shade of blue-grey. I love that cloudy minimal vibe it gives! x

  11. Love this look, even your nails are baby blue!

  12. Awesome sunnies and pants!

  13. Great outfit, I've just started to like blue again :)


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