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My brother snapped these photos of me just yesterday when it was snowing. Snowing. Let that sink in for a bit. So, what better way is there to celebrate Edmonton's Spring weather than with an oversized scarf, a lot of black and my newly favourite t-shirt from Front Row Shop? I guess weeping in a corner is a pretty good option, but let's be honest, we all have better things to do than cry over condensed atmospheric water vapour (do we?).

Anyway, s/o (and my unconditional love) to my mom for knitting my Wool And The Gang scarf for me because I am a sorry excuse for a human being. Also, I just found out that Wool and the Gang has a knit bikini kit available. Swooning. For reals.
top & culottes c/o FRONT ROW SHOP
heels (similar)
wool scarf c/o WOOL AND THE GANG
bag & jacket c/o CHOIES
earrings c/o THOMAS SABO


  1. i love the culottes! <3

  2. I have maintained a huge urge to layer a sleek/skimpy black dress over a crisp white t-shirt for weeks now. Could not discern if it would look tacky on me or not, so I haven't committed to purchasing said dress. The tee you're wearing isn't exactly that combo, but I'd easily don it 'cause I'll probably chicken out of the outfit I've described. Fantastic look, big fan of the scarf.

  3. gorgeous outfit! u really look great Alyssa! ...and btw ty so much for your great tip, i gonna buy a few woolen bikinis for next winter, i'm sure i'll be incredibly cool during the snowy days with one of them on and a pair of sandals like the ones you wear in these photos!

  4. You look amazing, love this outfit- your scarf is stunning!! X

  5. Greaaat look Alyssa!!! I need to ask you it snowing there? Aren't you cold?? you're brave o_o haha

  6. I am literally crying for you. I can't believe it's snowing where you are at! You look really warm in the scarf so that's a positive look on it lol. I really love the top and heels. Really simple look .

    xx AlexisSplash

  7. just found your blog a few days ago and I'm already in love with it! such nice posts.

  8. @Alessandra Mazzini: a real fashionista is NEVER cold and is able to resist to any temperature in the name of fashion! ...then Alyssa is also sooo cool, isn't she? ;)
    ...btw I already know your style (and I like it) as I've been following you on lookbook for a long time.

  9. Your style is great and you constantly inspire me. I hope your feet weren't freezing while taking that photo :)


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