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Last year, I made a conscious decision to promote and live by what I call the cornerstones of sustainable and ethical fashion. And many of these cornerstones are questions that I often ask myself when engaging in robotic consumerist behavior--Is an item locally and/or ethically made? Does it use naturally processed and/or organic materials? Does it incorporate recycled materials?  And lastly, is it made to last? We ALL have a responsibility to the earth and to the artisans who make our clothing, so it's incredibly enlightening when there are places, like A Boy Named Suethat unites sustainable fashion with, well, fashionable appeal. At the end of the day, you can still look great and help save the earth. That being said, I would love to hear your views on sustainable and ethical fashion and what it means to you!

sam edelman pony hair slides c/o CAPEZIO 
(USE "Alyssa-Adora10" FOR 10% OFF)
recycled leather jacket c/o A BOY NAMED SUE
tory burch dress (similar)
white clutch (similar)


  1. so cool! :)

  2. I read your previous post on this topic and i find it such an interesting topic. Its so hard (especially for me as a student with little funds) to escape the fast fashion products, as it is just easier. I am one for thinking quality is much better, and i am very concerned with the way garments are produced. I loved you post on this topic. I think is so important that we take care of the world we live in, in every single way possible, and i think sometimes people forget that and take it for granted!
    Love this post, and your photographs are always on point, and i love reading your opinions on topics such as this!
    ellenor x

  3. i truly love all white

  4. this is such a cute outfit! i totally can relate to what you're saying about quality and sustainability. it'll take me a while to get over zara, but overall i tend to invest in quality pieces that will last longer!!

  5. Wow, you are amazing! I'm fall in love with this combo!

  6. Your outfit is beautiful, and even more so that it is sustainable/ ethical fashion! That is one of the main reasons why I love thrifting and run a vintage shop :)
    xo Hannah

  7. that dress is amazing.. and love the leather jacket too, so cool that it's recycled!


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