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It's been a whole week since I've last posted, and while a part of me wants to collapse in the corner of a room and sleep for 24 hours, the other part of me knows that this is the time to grind. Three days ago, I launched New Classics Studios, which, if you haven't yet heard, is an e-commerce project Eric and I decided to tackle 5 months ago. For those of you who don't know, New Classics Studios is what I like to call a carefully curated selection of sustainable and fair trade fashion designers and labels who are changing the fashion industry one garment at a time. If you're interested in reading more about who we are and how we started, you can head over here and here. Anyway, enough chit chat. Here are a few of the photos to Eric and I took of a friend and fellow lab-mate, Pola. Shop the looks below.

Shop the looks here:


  1. i'm in love with your collection- looks amazing!

  2. I love this collection!!! It looks so comfortable yet is designed to look perfectly chic and edgy! :)
    -Ally Gong

  3. Congrats on the shop! I've been waiting months to see it and it's finally here :) I really want to buy things but everything looks too large, I'm 4'10 so I don't know how it'll turn out on me lol

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  5. Love the outfits and photos. They are amazing. They consist of things I truly love, such as: oversized pieces, basic colours, long shirts and sweaters and culottes. Congratulations :D


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