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Macaroons and a card with my name spelled correctly upon arrival? You've won me over, Hotel Le Crystal.

While Eric and I were in Montreal, we had the opportunity to stay with the one-of-a-kind 5-star Hotel Le Crystal for two nights. And while I would like to admit that I was too busy being a good tourist to really have spent that much time in Hotel Le Crystal's beautiful boutique-style rooms, Eric and I really just spent the majority of our time eating macaroons in bed and pretending to do laps in the hotel's 12th-floor swimming pool. And whenever we needed to forage for food and other life essentials, Hotel Le Crystal's proximity to pretty much everything (including Montreal's shopping boulevard, Sainte-Catherine street) made life a little too easy for us during our stay. We were even treated to breakfast at the hotel's restaurant, La Coupole, which makes a point of strictly using only local and organic products. So, should you be in Montreal anytime soon and enjoy ocean-sized beds, delectable meals, exercising (or, in our case, pretending to exercise), and shopping at any moment's notice, maybe Hotel Le Crystal is just the right home away from home for you. 


  1. This is so awesome! It looks like you guys had an incredible time! I hope I'm able to visit Montreal and this place! :)

  2. This hotel looks amazing! Definitely will have to stay here when I'm in Montreal next.

  3. nice hotel room :)


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  4. the hotel looks so beautiful! montreal is such a beautiful place, it's definitely on my list of to go places.


  5. The macarons! :O Looks like a pretty decent hotel! I really want to visit Montreal, too!
    Miss Blue Eyes

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