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There really isn't anything like driving with the windows open and listening to some darn good music that sometimes makes you want to dance and have older Japanese men laugh at you from the car behind you (true story). Take a listen, and let me know what you've songs you've been diggin' to in the comments!


  1. Hey Alyssa,

    I really like the playlist! Especially "I won`t let you down" (I always find myself dancing when listening to it...)

    May I ask where you got the "so my feet looks like this" photo? Did you draw it yourself? It is so cute and perfect *insert crying emoji here*

    Lately, I've been listening to Kygo a lot; his music is really great and evokes this certain feeling of summer being just around the corner!

    Have a nice day (and sorry for the spam),



    1. Hey Liam! Glad you liked the playlist! I found the photo somewhere on Tumblr (sorry I don't remember exactly where!). And thanks for the song rec! x


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